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Your projects will always make your deadlines. My Goal is to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your product.

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One of the keys to a successful Voice Over App project is a consistent sound. Which is what you get every time!

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Tired of trying to explain items to vendors on your mobile device? Unable to remember every detail for every single new item showcased for this new season? Add My Voice over to your APP! Let the sales team focus on highlighting the special features that make each item so unique.

First Impressions are Key when showcasing new Items to vendors. Give your sales team the freedom they need to book the big numbers for the next season!

When your company is moving hundreds of products and those products are constantly changing or being upgraded. Go the extra mile to add a voice to your App! This removes the stress for the sales department to remember each item description and allows them to focus on highlighting specific elements that make each item special.

Why try to explain items while your vendor tries to read the description? Or read the item description while your Vendor is trying to look at the item? All the while doing this on one mobile device? 

​Pat Palmerston
Professional Male Voice Actor
What you need -

A voice talent who can work within your budget and deadline. I know first hand how important it is to get your voice over tracks right the first time and get them to you on time. App’s can be very intensive projects and the less you have to worry about the more effective you can be with the final product. Communication is also key, especially when dealing with multiple departments that are working together producing a single APP. I pride myself on providing my clients with the best customer service and having open lines of communication at all times. When working Long Term App projects for hundreds or even thousands of items, it requires a Full Time Voice Actor, with full time Availability.

Every business uses their own acronyms within interdepartmental communication pertaining to item categories. Translating those acronyms is time consuming and requires a full time commitment from your voice over talent. The first part of any App project is looking at the Voice Over as a whole and going through the project to catalog possible questions. Executives know every moment counts, time is money. So don't waste time listening to hundreds of auditions. Come in under budget by going directly to a professional and bypass the pay for play sites. Request a Quote for your project today and you will find I work well within my clients budgets.

Corporate and E-Learning App Voice Over Guy Pat Palmerston​

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Projects are processed in my Studio 7 days a week. If you Need a project quickly, I'm your guy!

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