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Pat Palmerston

What I provide -

A Consistent and reliable sound for your eLearning Projects. I know first hand how important it is to get your voice over tracks right the first time and get them to you on time. App’s can be very intensive projects and the less you have to worry about the more effective you can be with the final product. Communication is also key, especially when dealing with multiple departments that are working together producing a single APP. I pride myself on providing my clients with the best customer service and having open lines of communication at all times. When working Long Term App projects that have hundreds or even thousands of items, it requires a Full Time Voice Actor, with full time Availability.

Don't waste time listening to hundreds of auditions. Come in under budget by going directly to a professional and bypass the pay for play sites. Request a Quote for your project today and you will find I work well within my clients budgets.

- Reliable -

Your projects will always make your deadlines. My Goal is to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your product.

eLearning Video Demo

- ​Affordable -

Save Money on your budget with a Voice Actor who can deliver Multiple Unique Voices for your Project!

Corporate and E-Learning App Voice Over Guy Pat Palmerston​

Need a reliable Full Time Voice Actor for your Next eLearning project? Tired of looking through endless Auditions to take a gamble? Its important to know you can count on a trusted professional who is always available for projects.

It is my pleasure to help clients with a Consistent and affordable option for their eLearning projects. I’m in my Studio 7 days a week doing Voice Over full time for clients around the world. this allows me to provide my clients with 24 hr or less delivery on most projects. Often times I can deliver within just a few short hours.

Do yourself a favor and take the stress out the Budget and Hire a consistent professional who always works within his clients budgets.

- Consistent -

One of the keys to a successful Voice Over App project is a consistent sound. Which is what you get every time!

- ​Quick -

Projects are processed in my Studio 7 days a week. If you Need a project quickly, I'm your guy!